1.png As DIYers, go-getters, and otherwise ambitious folks, I thought you'd be interested in learning about Kickstarter, a new way to fund creative ideas. Functioning as a way to help grassroots projects grow by providing a unique all-or-nothing funding method, Kickstarter embraces creative endeavors of all kinds. From art to writing, music or filmmaking, it allows real people to achieve their goals. Users can make a pledge (from $1 up to $2000 or more) in support of a project they're passionate about and that they want to see come to life. You can then see the project through, follow its progress, and interact with the artist, etc. behind it. Think social networking meets canned food drive for the arts.

For example, one project that I discovered and was impressed by is the feature-length documentary Street Fighting Man. Through several inter-woven stories of individuals fighting for their community, it documents the current struggles in post-economic crisis Detroit. Currently, the project has reached about 43% of its funding goal, with only 11 days left. If it achieves its goal, the film will go into full production. If it doesn't, all pledges are canceled, no harm no foul. Of course, the idea is to create successful opportunities for projects like Street Fighting Man - important, pertinent, and unique projects that might otherwise remain unrealized. In the case of this film, it's one that I truly hope achieves success!

Overall, Kickstarter is an absolutely brilliant idea and I encourage you to learn more about it.  Discover projects, make pledges if you can, and watch someone's dream become a reality!


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