Bird House Kit :: Michael Oliveri

BirdhousekitThis bird house kit from designer Michael Oliveri is the perfect DIY/craft project for kids!  They can paint, draw, or bedazzle to their heart's content - and when they're done, you'll have a one-of-a-kind bird house for all your feathered friends.  Of course, you can always leave it in its natural plywood state if puff paint and glitter aren't your thing.

Curious how it assembles?  Check out a short video below!


Bird House Finland :: Tapio Anttila

Part of the fun of this birch plywood birdhouse is the at-home assembly - no special tools are required, you simply bend the main housing and keep everything in place with wooden pegs. Find the perfect spot, hang it, and admire your handiwork.

The carefully thought-out design of the BIRD HOUSE FINLAND is a home-build kit for creating the ideal bird house for your local feathered friend. Created by Tapio Anttila with cooperation from various ornithologists, the design takes into account the natural needs of birds and is suitable for small birds. The roof is also easily removed for cleaning every season.

Bird House Finland available from Finnish Design Shop: $69

Modern Birdhouse :: Wee Rowhome

Ha! You thought that because it was winter, my birdhouse/feeder obsession would subside, didn't you? Not so. The ol' bird fever is still raging and after spotting this modern cedar and cardboard design, it's only gotten stronger. The Wee Rowhome was designed by Philadelphia-based architects Austin + Mergold and takes inspiration from the iconic row houses of the area. Fully weather-proofed and designed for ideal nesting conditions.

Wee Rowhome available from Anthropologie: $100

Scan Birdhouse :: Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Pigeon Toe Ceramics is at it again with a new line of products for Fall. One standout is this ceramic and cedar wood birdhouse. The hand-thrown porcelain base is topped with a handcrafted, locally harvested, sustainably-sourced wood, paneled for visual interest and weather treated. Oh, and an 18 inch, vegetable-dyed, braided leather cord is attached for easy hanging. Fancy!

Scan Birdhouse by Pigeon Toe Ceramics: $96

Modern Bird :: Oryx and Crake Design

These gorgeous bamboo bird feeders and houses are handmade by Oryx and Crake Design in Rochester, New York. Suitable for most small to medium birds, each piece is coated with a matte outdoor weather proofing seal, ensuring a long life and preserving the natural beauty of the material. Includes everything you need to hang from your favorite tree!

Modern birdhouse and feeder by Oryx and Crake Design: $95

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Pitch Birdhouse by Loll

Made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic, this new birdhouse from Loll has a great modern look. The design is simple enough, that with a little know how, I think you could easily build your own version. But if you'd rather not, rest assured that the Pitch Birdhouse requires no assembly and mounts easily. Available in six fantastic colors: black, sky, white, chocolate, leaf, and apple.

Pitch Birdhouse by Loll: $68

Birdhouse Ball from Bagus

Punxsutawney Phil may say we have six more weeks of Winter, but I've turned my thoughts towards Spring: blooming flowers, buzzing bees, and chirping birds. To get a jump on the season, I'm considering one of these colorful and cheery Birdhouse Balls from Danish company Bagus. Available through Design3000, these ceramic orbs hang easily from a sturdy branch or garden hook. I'm not entirely sure if they ship to the U.S., but it doesn't hurt to ask!

Birdhouse Ball available from Design3000: 36€ or about $50

Mushroom Bird House by MudPuppy


Hello! Can you say "This mushroom bird house is exquisite!"? I can - and I did. Handmade by Michael McDowell of MudPuppy.

Each gorgeous bird house is hand crafted and covered inside and out with non toxic glossy white glaze and topped with an exquisite white lichen glaze. It is fired twice, once as a bisque firing to drive out moisture from the clay and a second high fire glaze firing which ensures the birdhouse can withstand the elements. Just in time for your feathered friends this spring and summer, they make a great housewarming gift or a treat for yourself. A ceramic bead and hemp hanger are included for quick hanging.


About Michael:

I live and work in beautiful Denver, Colorado with my two studio assistants Ennis and Konrad. Primarily I hand craft vases, sculpture and whatnots out of clay. I am completely obsessed with all things crafty and feel blessed to be a part of the handmade revolution.

I tried to follow a somewhat regular path to financial freedom but I have finally given in to my heart and the pull of destiny and am now a full-time starving artist. I come from a long line of craftsman and artists. My great-grandfather made everything from jewelry to furniture out of stone, my grandmother did collage, my grandfather designed and built homes, an uncle was a ceramicist and another an artist and art either it's in my genes or we are a bunch of non-conformists.

At the very least, I am happier making art than I have ever been and I think that is reflected in my work.

Check out more at

Mushroom Bird House from MudPuppy: $45


Geo Birdhouse


Despite the fact that it is currently snowing outside my window as I type this I am fairly confident that someday spring will actually arrive here in Salt Lake. Our home is surrounded by lots of tree's and we are looking forward to putting out some bird feeders and bird homes to be able to watch some feathered friends. While my staunch cheapness will most likely drive me to making my own I do like the look of the Geo Birdhouse. Designed by Kelly Lamb for Areaware it has obvious influences from architect buckminster fuller. Its rounded shape makes an ideal nesting place for wrens, finches, swallows, warblers, and other small birds. The fact that it's ceramic should mean that it will hold up well in the weather. Stores are accepting preorders now.

Available from Unica home for $85.

DIY MCM Birdhouse

 Curbly Uploads Production Photos 0000 0005 8697 BirdhousefrontvigHere at Grassrootsmodern we are big fans of mid-century modern design and also big fans of Curbly. So you can imagine when the two come together we are all over it. Chris Job made a great how to video on making a mid-century modern style birdhouse. The video is great (watch it after the jump) and along with the article over at Curbly it's got great instructions on how to make your own. He does use some slightly more advanced woodworking techniques (dado's) but points out that they are not really necessary. This would be a great weekend project. Check out the article over at Curbly.  Curbly Uploads Production Photos 0000 0005 8685 Dimensions30

Kiwi Acorn Bird Apartment

200607261004Two days ago, I posted about the Blomus Bird feeder. Now that you have flocks of birds coming to your backyard why not indulge them with their own bird house. Actually its not a bird house, its a bird apartment. It's what all the cool modernist birds are living in these days. Available from Sprout Home, these funky ceramic bird shelters are guaranteed to look good hanging in your backyard. Available from Sprout Home for $64.

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