Mushroom Bird House by MudPuppy


Hello! Can you say "This mushroom bird house is exquisite!"? I can - and I did. Handmade by Michael McDowell of MudPuppy.

Each gorgeous bird house is hand crafted and covered inside and out with non toxic glossy white glaze and topped with an exquisite white lichen glaze. It is fired twice, once as a bisque firing to drive out moisture from the clay and a second high fire glaze firing which ensures the birdhouse can withstand the elements. Just in time for your feathered friends this spring and summer, they make a great housewarming gift or a treat for yourself. A ceramic bead and hemp hanger are included for quick hanging.


About Michael:

I live and work in beautiful Denver, Colorado with my two studio assistants Ennis and Konrad. Primarily I hand craft vases, sculpture and whatnots out of clay. I am completely obsessed with all things crafty and feel blessed to be a part of the handmade revolution.

I tried to follow a somewhat regular path to financial freedom but I have finally given in to my heart and the pull of destiny and am now a full-time starving artist. I come from a long line of craftsman and artists. My great-grandfather made everything from jewelry to furniture out of stone, my grandmother did collage, my grandfather designed and built homes, an uncle was a ceramicist and another an artist and art either it's in my genes or we are a bunch of non-conformists.

At the very least, I am happier making art than I have ever been and I think that is reflected in my work.

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Mushroom Bird House from MudPuppy: $45


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