3 amazing modern tables

modern tablesI love me a good modern table. The only thing better is 3 modern tables.  I stumbled across these beauties this week and I absolutely love each of them for very different reasons.

The Koota table by Marc Haldemann is a great example of classic woodworking craftsmanship applied in a modern aesthetic. Constructed with absolutely no screws, glue or the like, the desk relies on precision mortise and tenons to stay together. Instead of hiding the construction method, it's tastefully integrated into the final design. Bravo.

koota detailkootaNewImageNewImage

While simple is great, that doesn't mean that complex is bad. "The Desk" by Christofer Odmark is far from simple in appearance, and it's absolutely stunning. I'm a sucker for a good table leg, and Christofer takes the classic hairpin leg and adds a touch of spice to it. The butcher block top plays off the wedge shape of the legs, also lending a sense of motion to the table. It's not all about looks however, the core of the top is hollowed out to house a plug strip and cable management. My favorite detail is the recessed plug underneath the top that powers the whole table. Hot.

the deskNewImageNewImage

Last and certainly not least is David Week's Ribbon Table. Aptly named for it's thin dramatic leg, the Ribbon table is a nice mix between the two tables above. It's visually simple and easy on the eye, but has some subtle complexity hiding underneath the skin. Literally.  Each leg attaches to the top via a two long metal stretchers that are recessed into the table. The top itself is plywood with what looks like a white laminate on each side. Fantastic.

ribbon tableNewImageNewImage

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...