Kate Banazi :: Shop Closing Sale


I'm both thrilled and saddened that my favorite print maker is closing up her Etsy shop.  Thrilled because Kate's talents are in such high demand that she no longer has the time to keep this shop open.  She's too busy totally kicking butt at life and spreading her uniquely colorful and witty vision across the globe.  And saddened because, well, because it's closing!  Of course, this means DEEP DISCOUNTS (said in a booming radio voice) for you and yours!  From now until the end of the year all item's in Kate's Etsy shop will be 50% off.  That means you can snag an original, limited edition screen print for as little as $7 or at the most around $30.  I know.  That IS crazy.
So, check out her shop to see all her available prints!
Meanwhile, a looky loo at her portfolio should send you on into the weekend with an extra bounce in your step.  Enjoy!

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...