Modern 2012 Calendars by Pam Lostracco

2012calendarFirst things first: I'm finding it nearly impossible to believe that it's almost September.  SEPTEMBER, people!  How did this happen?  Ack!  Of course, one good thing about this whole "it's practically fall and then it's going to be winter and then it's going to be 2012 and then it's the end of the world" conspiracy is that there's a whole slew of awesome calendars popping up.  I love calendars!  I especially love when they're represented in a slightly more abstract or unconventional way, like these poster sized calendars by Pam Lostracco.  My favorite of the bunch is themountain design, inspired by her trips through Thailand and Laos.  The bamboo and water ring designs are pretty sweet too.  Check 'em all out here and let me know which is your fave!

[via Babble]

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