Mid Century Rocker

mid cnetury rocker chairI'm always a little hesitant to post about furniture from Urban Outfitters, especially when it is available online only, but I remember what a hard time I had trying to find an affordable rocking chair for the nursery 4 years ago. With that in mind may I introduce you to the Mid-Century Rocker Chair. It looks good, and from the comments it seems like the biggest complaint is that it is scaled pretty small. Priced at $289 it is fairly inexpensive by rocker standards. For example the Nurseryworks Storytime Rocker we had retailed for $800 (now you can find them for $499 from websites like babycribstation.com et al).  That is nearly double, but I will say however that the Storytime is a bomber piece of furniture that will last a very very long time.

Mid Century Rocker $289

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...