Platform bed mattress

invigo platform bed mattresslief mattressThe whole concept of a mattress made specifically for a platform bed is something new to me, but it seems like there are several on the market claiming to be the best. A few months ago I was contacted by De Courcy and Company about their Hevea Grove and Invigo mattresses that were designed specifically for platform beds. The Hevea is a latex and foam mattress made in the USA that comes in 8", 10", and 12" sizes and wrapped in ecru cotton. They are sent me a vacuum packed Invigo to test out. So far I've been very impressed.

Today I received an email from Modernica touting the worlds best platfrom mattress. Made by Lief this one differs in that it is a coil spring mattress. It features 10 layers of foam, latex, wire coils all put together to make a complete package. I haven't had a chance to test one out yet.

So which is best? Ultimately I don't think you could know unless you had them side by side, but to me it seems like it comes down to spring coil or foam. Personally I'm a huge fan of latex/foam mattresses. Besides being more comfortable for me, they also pack down much smaller making transport more economical. Also, there is price to consider. A full/double Lief is $1,175, and includes free shipping. I'm not sure on pricing for the Hevea, but a full/double Invigo like I have is $565 plus free shipping on Amazon.

De Courcy and Company Hevea and Invigo Mattresses

Lief Mattress

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