Industrial stools

I've been keeping my eye open for a good bar stool for a while now, and not much has caught my eye until now. The "industrial stool" (above) from West Elm may be just the ticket. It's simple, looks to be made of quality materials, and it isn't too expensive at $170. I think the wood top really makes it for me.

The other option that I have been thinking about is a simple metal stool like this Safco one. It does have a recycled leather padded seat which is nice, but I don't love the looks of it quite as much as the West Elm one. That being said, it is half the price. That's right. Half.

West Elm Industrial Stool

Safco Leather Industrial Stool

Which one do you prefer? Any other favorites that I should be pinning over?

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...