Affodable modern prefab homes

As I mentioned last week, we have been tempted with affordable modern prefab homes for years now. Most of the options you see are well done on the modern side of things, but come up short when it comes to being affordable. These Marmol Radziner designed prefab homes in Santa Monica seem to err on the other side. That is to say, they aren't the best looking, but at least they are affordable. 20 manufactured homes ranging in size from 384 to 1,200 square feet are being placed in Santa Monica. Individual prices range from $25,000 to $72,000. With a sub $100 a square foot price these really show the potential that prefab could bring to the market. I'm just not quite sure how everyone keeps missing the middle ground. See the slightly underwhelming pictures after the jump.

Jetsongreen has a great write up full of links and details on the project.

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