Midas Collection :: Front

You guys, I'm telling you. Metallics are hot right now! This collection of gold-dipped drinkware is nothing short of stunning, too. While it could get a bit pricey if you bought the whole collection, the carafe would make a pretty fantastic gift for someone extra special.

Midas Glassware (2010), which is dipped in a bath of gold, is the work of four Swedish designers, collectively known as Front. Driven by a desire to create unusual twists for everyday objects, their products have a story to tell – about process and material, as well as about their relationships with people. The way that the gold appears to be swishing around in the glass, as if someone is about to drink it, could be an ironic statement about luxury, or perhaps it simply speaks to the joy of sipping a glass of water or a favorite wine. How the story evolves is up to you.

Midas Collection available from DWR: $28 - $70

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