House 2 Drywall

I have been doing an admittedly horrible job keeping up with the local projects I have committed to follow. Luckily the builders are way more on the ball than I am. I have had a couple chances to drop by my favorite of the three projects lately and snapped these pictures a couple weeks ago. I'm always amazed at how much a space is transformed once the drywall goes up, and House 2 is shaping up to have some wonderful spaces. Since I snapped this picture everything has been painted, and the cabinetry and finish woodwork are starting to go in. I promise to have some more updates soon on this one.

More pictures after the jump.

The very top picture is of the kitchen/living room. This one is of the same space, only looking towards the front of the house instead of the back.

This is the master bedroom with two huge sliders looking out to a nice outdoor space.

Even the kids room has a nice slider.

This is the studio that sits separately behind the home. The raised area will be a guest bedroom and the space below it can be accessed from outside and serves as a storage shed.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...