Mid-Century Modern Computer

"Could this have been Don Draper's PC?" This question was posed by computer designer Jeffrey Stephenson, after he accepted a challenge to build something in the Mid-Century Modern style. From the tapered legs to the floating tabletop, it certainly screams MCM to me! Stephenson wasn't content to just make something that looked good, though. This red oak computer enclosure has integrated twin fans at the bottom as well as an exhaust vent at the top, ensuring proper heat disbursement and functionality. Aside from these great features, I love the playful touch of the geometric panels, which Stephenson painted to look like "nicotine-stained ivory". A nice touch, indeed.

Be sure to check out more images and details about this Mid-Century-inspired computer enclosure here.

[Thanks to blogger/design/twitter buddy Wayne Dahlberg for the tip!]

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