Way Back When: Donald R Knorr side chair

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In 1948 the Museum of Modern Art in conjunction with a group of retailers and manufactures organized the "International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design". The purpose behind the competition was thus:

To serve the needs of the vast majority of people we must have easily moved, stored, and cared for; in other words, mass-produced furniture that is planned and executed to fit the needs of modern living, production and merchandising.

Seems like we could use a little bit of that now a days. Donald R Knorr was co-awarded first prize in the Seating Units category for his side chair entry. The design was manufactured out of a sheet of metal painted in crack resistent paint. It was produced by Knoll.


This photo was captured for the April 1949 issue of House and Garden Pictured standing left to right: Don R Knorr, Robin day, Clive Latimer, Professor Georg Leowald. Middle row left to right David Pratt, Charles Eames, Alexey Brodovitch James Prestini. Front row left to right John McMorran Jr., John O'Merrill Jr.

Read the original press release about the winners.

Side chair images courtesy of MoMA

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