DIY Help: Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Alright, folks. Here's the skinny. We're getting ready to get down with a kitchen makeover. Notice I did not say "renovation" or "remodel"; just a face lift (so don't get too excited)! New kitchen cabinets, though immensely appealing, are not in our budget. We've settled on a simple, white paint job to spruce them up, but I need your help! As avid DIYers, I'm counting on you for some tried and true tips.

Have any of you tackled a kitchen cabinet painting project before? Do you have tips for keeping track of which door goes to which cabinet? Specific products you'd recommend? Dos and don'ts? Please share your wisdom! I'm all ears.

(For your help, I offer you some modern kitchen eye candy. Sorry, that's all I have.)

1: doorsixteen 2: (Left) NeilDennis (Right) PeachHeights 3: It's Great to Be Home 4: doorsixteen 5: KathrynIvy 6: WinslowTaft 7: Freshome 8: doorsixteen

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...