Paperfold Collection :: Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture

Fredrik Kjellgren of Swedish architecture firm Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, developed the Paperfold collection after, essentially, playing with a piece paper. Inspiration comes in the simplest of ways, doesn't it? I was drawn to this series mostly because I think we've all "played with a piece of paper", and could easily adapt this concept into a DIY lighting project of our own. What do you think? Is the Paperfold lamp DIY worthy?

Kjellgren has this to say about the series:
It all really started with a strong woman, my grandma. Astrid was one of Sweden's first teachers in sewing. She sewed the first clothes I wore and introduced me to form and design, she told me how to make beautiful clothes out of simple paper templates. The Paperfold series comprises six lamps each deriving from the same idea. They come in black and three primary colors; cyan, magenta and amber.

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