Trask Lamp :: MIO

OK, this light is a little scary looking - I'm afraid it might come to life and sting me. But, the idea behind it is pretty genius. The Trask Lamp is an LED light source that ships flat packed and can be sculpted into table, task, or track lighting. Totally customizable and downright brilliant!

According to MIO, the Trask Lamp is a true example of eco-centric design. Its size, shape, light source, and packaging were all chosen based on material and manufacturing efficiencies. In addition, this lamp welcomes the user as co-designer, pushing the boundaries of design and self-assembly.

Designed by Jaime Salm and Roger Allen for MIO. Made in the USA of laser-cut, powder coated steel (recycled content) and LED strips. Available in silver, white, and chartreuse. Ships August 1, 2010.

Trask Lamp by MIO: $225

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...