Ceramic Animals :: Masahiro Mori

I think we know where Jonathan Adler got his inspiration: these designs were created by Japanese ceramicist Masahiro Mori more than half a century ago. I'm definitely digging the trio of pigs, with their barrel shape - or maybe "sausage shape" is more accurate. Each design is available in either white or black glazed ceramic.

Masahiro Mori was born in 1927 in Saga, where the area is famous for its production of ceramics. He devoted his life to making household tableware for modern daily life in a novel design, producing more than 800 household items which are on market now. These animals were designed as sculptures more than 50 years ago!

Animals by Masahiro Mori available from Tortoise General Store: $18 - $55

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...