Reader Question:: Aalto stool alternative?

I got this question from Bray, one of our readers the other day;

I've been looking around for ages for a comparable in style alternative to the alvar aalto bar stool. It's 500 bucks and i just can't do it for 4 stools. have you come across anything as simple but less expensive? Any help would be much appreciated.

I have a couple ideas after the jump, and I'm hoping that our fantastic readers can share some other tips. Anyone have a good idea?

It's hard to match the Aalto stool for classic style. But here are a couple ideas that may or may not be acceptable, and a lot easier on the wallet.

This Diesel Industrial stool from Amazon while a little industrial, definitely has the retro look. $124 from Amazon

The Felix Walnut Barstool from crate and barrel have the same low back that I love on the Aalto stool. The cromed bases are a lot lighter visually than the Aalto, but it still may be a good fit.
$129 from Crate and Barrel

When all else fails, look to Ikea. The DALFRED barstool has the classic vintage look and a similar visual weight as the Aalto. You could just about get 4 for the price of one of anything else.
$39 from Ikea

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...