Wooden Toys by MillerGoodman

I'm a huge fan of toys that encourage creativity and imaginative play, so when I spotted these wooden toys from British design duo MillerGoodman, I got pretty excited! Choose between the ShapeMaker and PlayShapes sets, either way I don't think you'll be disappointed (and neither will your kid - I almost forgot these were for children)!

The ShapeMaker set is comprised of 25 colorful, geometric, hand-printed blocks that can be arranged in a seemingly infinite series of shapes and images. PlayShapes is a modular set of 74 geometric, wooden shapes that can be arranged and stacked to create 3D images. Each set is made of environmentally friendly rubberwood.

For a hint at all the possibilities, check out the clever video above!

Wooden Toys by MillerGoodman available from Unica Home: $75 - $150

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...