Four Chairs

David Joseph-Goteiner is my kind of guy. When he sent me an email, the opening line immediately caught my attention. “Where are all the affordable, simple, comfortable chairs?” My thoughts exactly. He went on to explain his personal manifesto.

After failing to find an affordable, simple, and comfortable chair, I decided to begin my quest to design and fabricate my own chair. Using my three years of experience in the metal shop, I jumped into this challenging independent “senior project.”

Today, I’m over halfway toward my goal: to create four prototype chairs that are affordable, simple, and “sustainable.” I will pitch these four prototypes to manufacturing companies in an attempt to get one of them mass-produced.

He currently has two of his chair designs complete and is well on his way to completing his third. Make sure you check out his blog "Four Chairs, a Foray into the Design World" and give him plenty of feedback about his designs and mission.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...