Animals by Sopa de Principe

I know a lot of people having babies these days and typically I dole out Blabla dolls like some sort of fairy godmother whenever a new kiddo arrives. But these handmade animals from Sopa de Principe have me reconsidering my usual go-to gift. Each little animal is made in Buenos Aries and baby friendly (the eyes are soft, cloth "buttons"). They're a little pricey, sure, but they're unique and actually quite large. (Sizes range from 9x7" all the way up to 43x40" - the Perro Grande.) I'm sure though, with a little know how, you'd be able to make something similar - and one of a kind. These quirky dolls are available from LAMA (Latin America in the Modern Age).

Cute dolls all the way from Argentina available through LAMA Designs: $30 - $80

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...