Modern Craftsman Home

Oh boy. I came across this modern remodel of a Craftsman home in Silver Lake, CA and fell in love with it immediately. I am particularly impressed with how the architect, Jeremy Levine, was able to bring light into this formerly dark, claustrophobic home. That, and the landscaping is absolutely perfect! I'm a sucker for native / water wise landscaping, xeriscaping if you like. I think this particular application shows just how beautiful it can really be.

Jeremy has this to say about the project: The main aesthetic challenge was to find what aspects of the Craftsman Style to preserve while eliminating the warren of small, dark spaces. In response, long vistas were carved through the house with new elements arranged along the axis to create a deep, layered depth of field. The walls of the interior were punctured with openings and the ceiling vaulted to erase the former claustrophobia. Light enters the house in oblique ways, such as through clerestories shaded by deep eaves or interior transom windows.

Be sure to check out the whole set of photos (including Before pics) here.

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