4055 Jupiter drive :: details


It's been a couple weeks since I first posted about 4055 Jupiter drive a wonderful mid century modern home in the Olympus Cove area of Salt Lake City, and not surprisingly it is already under contract (with 5 back up offers!). Last week I had a chance to go back through the house and snap some photo's of some of the details that I love about the house, and meet the future owners who are just as awesome as the house is. I can't wait to see the place once they get all their stuff moved in. In the meantime, here are some details from the remodel;


Here is the simple and affordable slider that Geoff made. It consists of a slab of acrylic that he sourced from a local sign shop and some Stanley sliding track that he was able to pick up from Lowes. The acrylic was sanded down to have a nice frosted look.

More photos after the jump.


Here's a picture that shows a better juxtaposition of the tub and the shower. I was pretty impressed with the tub, it was short but fairly deep and had the overflow at the very top so you could really put a lot of water in it. Best of all I think Geoff just got it from homedepot.


Love this light in the hallway too. Geoff any details on this one?


Here is a detail shot of the fireplace. While the gas shutoff is a little unwieldy I kind of like it. I still think the idea of a inexpensive $175 burner buried under $7 of sand is awesome. I believe Geoff mentioned that it needs to be about 1/2" below the top of the sand for best results.


Here is a detail of the cabinetry in the kitchen. It was all custom made by a friend of Geoffs. Drawers are all soft close. Handles from Ikea.


Of course I absolutely love the teak rainscreen. For this Geoff bought some teak decking and ripped it down to the skinner pieces that you can see here. All the screw holes had to be pre-drilled and countersunk. From there they were just screwed onto some vertical boards that hold them slightly off the surface of the house. It's pretty much the exact same detail we did on our old house, just a different material.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Geoff for being so generous with his knowledge. It's refreshing to talk to someone who is so open about everything he's doing and willing to share with the rest of us. For those that love the work Geoff is doing, don't worry there is more on the way. We will be featuring his next project here on GRM as it is remodeled.   

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...