dpi lamps


Designed by French born designer Guillame Delvigne the dpi series of lamps is a reference to dot's per inch traditionally used in print and online media. These fantastic lamps come in either 72 dpi (left) 144 dpi (right) or the smooth 300 dpi (center). Available in either white or black these porcelain lamps have a lovely glow to them and the fact that they are currently on sale makes them even more lovely!


About Guillame Delvigne:

French born designer Guillame Delvigne studied Industrial Design at l’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique and at the Politecnico di Milano before participating in Industreal’s inaugural show “In dust we trust”. Debuting in Milan in 2004, the show invited young designers to rapidly produce works in porcelain for display. The result was a series of innovative bowls, lights and other decorative objects that benefited from the creative rush, rather than the typical research and development phase. In addition to collaborating with both major and minor designers throughout Europe, Delvigne is a member of Dito, a youthful design collective comprised of individuals all born in 1979.

dpi Lamps available from Rose and Radish starting at $190

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