Reconstructing Ideas


Reconstructing Ideas creates collages that are equal parts typography, vintage ads, and plain ol' awesomeness. Mundania Horvath is the creative mind behind this art and design studio based in Pittsburgh, PA. Check out more of her design work here.

The city of Pittsburgh to me is a pulsating life source, a constantly revived heartbeat in a body of architectural skeletons. Growing up near this city, I’ve been inspired by the notion of demolishing the old to rebuild it in a way that allows you to see it with new eyes - paying homage to history while always looking ahead. I was surrounded by the looming remnants of steelmills, abandoned warehouses and weather-worn advertisements emblazoned on the sides of buildings. All of them put there one time with a purpose, still remain there tarnished and a testament to time, the way it changes, the way it doesn’t change anything.

Like what you see? Reconstructing Ideas has an Etsy shop!  Prints available from $10.50 - $22.95.

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