Yasha Butler Ceramics


Yasha Butler creates some of the most beautifully simple ceramics I've ever seen! I really love her Off Circle collection, with its subtle color glazes and organic shapes. Each of her ceramic pieces has an incredible tactile quality - I just want to reach through my monitor and touch them! Be sure to check out her gorgeous porcelain jewelry as well.
Taking cues from nature, such as the smoothly textured surface of a sand dollar, the malleable shape of a jellyfish, and the clean curves of a sand dune, I create forms that calm and encourage the act of touch. I employ the pure feel of bare porcelain with the hues of bone, water, stone and small splashes of intense color. Utilizing the stark contrast of light and shadow, I emphasize the contours of my pieces and delineate their boundaries. Although my inspiration draws on organic matter, I aim to create forms far from those found in nature.


Yasha Butler ceramic vessels and jewelry: $28 - $46


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