Modern Fiber Lab


My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw these felt throws from Modern Fiber Lab. Just look at those textures!! Reading about how they're made is even more mind blowing. These are truly art pieces and worth every penny, in my opinion.

This "felt pelt" is wet felted by hand using traditional ancient techniques. This is made with natural colored cotswold, lincoln longwool, merino wool and mohair. I source the fleece from shepherds which I receive raw right after shearing. I clean, comb, and card the wool and then using hot water and organic soaps, felt by hand the wool fibers into one large piece.


These felt pieces are inspired by actual hides from a trip to Scandinavia where I saw sheep and animal skins everywhere. The technique or "recipes" to make them are drawn from Mongolian felt traditions. Mongolians stomp on the wool and roll the soft felt around tree trunks that they drag from horses to strengthen and finish the felt. I felt outside using my hands and bare feet and then roll the wool around poles to finish the felting process.

This pelt has been further embellished with pom poms that are made from kid mohair and lace weight wool yarn from a co-op in Uruguay. I whip stitched a boiled wool fabric to the back of the pelt to further strengthen and finish it.

This pelt would make a wonderful wall hanging or could be used as a throw or even a rug. A truly sustainable and renewable resourced piece!

Available in several natural colors.

Felt throws from Modern Fiber Lab: $295 - $600

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...