Modern Sectionals


Okay, people. I need your help! We're on the prowl for a nice modern sectional. Nothing over-stuffed and humongous, but nothing rigid and uncomfortable either. A nice blend of form and function would be ideal (as always). That said, I love, love, love the look of Blu Dot's Bonnie and Clyde sectional but am concerned with the comfort level. Does anyone own this beauty or have you sat on it in a store? How comfortable is it? On the other side of things, my husband is smitten with the Annex sectional from CB2. While a little more "puffy" than I'd like, I can't deny that it looks like one comfy couch. Owners of either of these sofas, share your experiences! Owners of other awesome modern sectionals, tell us what you have! As always, links are appreciated!


Bonnie and Clyde Sectional by Blu Dot: $2500 - $2800

Annex Sectional from CB2: as shown $2800

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...