Modern bedding for babies/cribs is relatively easy to come by. But once that baby becomes a kid? That's another story. Not much exists in the form of modern bedding for "big kids", a dilemma a lot of mod-minded parents eventually have to face. Enter Boodalee. Boodalee began in 2005 when Jeanice Skvaril, a mom and graphic designer, suddenly realized that her "little man" was doomed to a life of licensed characters unless something was done. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a few industry connections, Jeanice started Boodalee: designs that embrace your style and also resonate with your little dreamers and their big imaginations. Boodalee has grown to include bedding, pillows, wall graphics, blankets, and (soon) hooded towels.

Pictured: Space Collection

Duvet and Sheet Sets from Boodalee: $80 - $240

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...