Way Back When - 3602 Apollo


This weeks way back when is a mix of the old with the new...


This house is just down the street from mine, and I have been slowly watching it transform as Tyler works on it. He has done an amazing job making a fairly typical 50's home look good. I didn't know just how good until Tyler sent me some pictures of the interior and then I was literally speechless. I'm usually a fan of preserving mid century architecture in it's original form, but this is one update that is both respectful of the original structure, and so much better than it ever was. The house has been completely gutted and redone on the inside, and the pool area in the back yard makes me feel like I am in Palm Springs again. This is a wonderful example of breathing new life into an old house. Ohh and did I mention it's for sale? Anyone have $749,000 they want to give to me?

3602 Apollo


200908280725.jpg 200908280729.jpg 200908280730.jpg 200908280729.jpg


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All photo's by Tyler, cast concrete by Future Form Designs.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...