Crate and Barrel Struts their stuff


I don't usually get excited about the offerings of Crate and Barrel as much of their furniture tends to be a little too traditional for my taste, but when I first saw a picture of this Strut table I was seriously impressed. I love the simplicity of the design and the emphasis on the making the structural components beautiful. The only down side is the $700 price tag for a table that only seats four.


If you like the looks of the strut table, you should check out the Strut Credenza as well. It's equally appealing to the eyes and has an even more pronounced mid century look to it. Between these two pieces of furniture, my opinions of Crate and Barrel may be changing. Do you have any other favorites from Crate and Barrel that I should know about?

Strut table and credenza available from Crate and Barrel

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...