The Gourmet Collection by Lorena Barrezueta


The Gourmet Collection by Lorena Barrezueta is a clever twist on the idea of fine porcelain. By reintroducing the disposable tin food container as an object of high-end design, Lorena challenges our perception of quality and value. These cheeky little numbers are available in three different lines: Classic, Fresh, and Lush. I prefer the bold, modern colors of the Fresh line, but if you're going for sheer irony and/or perception smashing you might like the hand-gilded Classic series. Whatever your preference, you'll be sure to find a dish that suits your tastes: there are over 30 different styles, from Mac 'n' Cheese to Gyoza.

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Samples, Seconds, and Surprises can be purchased from the Lorena Barrezueta Etsy shop: $23 - $95

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