Kalorik appliances


Lately I have been finding all sorts of great stuff for sale through websites that typically specialize in fashion. First there was the Gilt groupe that had Areaware stuff for sale, now Haute Look has some great appliances for sale. Made by Kalorik, the line of appliances have a bit of retro look to them, but with a more modern contemporary flair. I was surprised by how complete the line of appliances was. They have everything from mixers to toasters to wine bottle coolers and all of them are for sale. The prices are quite reasonable considering the quality of the styling. For example the stainless steel and glass coffee pot above is $58, the blender $63 and the toaster $53. You have to sign up with Haute Look to be able to see the selection, but if all their deals are this good it may just be worth it.

Kalorik appliances available from Haute Look.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...