Modern Veterinary Office :: Tuke Manton Architects


Today I'm taking my dog, Wrigley, into the vet for some 'issues' he's been having. Since I don't like going anymore than he does, (what with the cramped waiting room and crappy parking situation), it got me to thinking about modern veterinary offices and the fact that I've never heard of one. After some serious digging, I found this lovely example in the portfolio of Tuke Manton Architects, a UK-based firm.
The project involved overhauling an old industrial building which was linked to an adjacent office building. By opening up the space and incorporating tons of natural light, a calming and healing environment was created. The timber-clad building, with its barn-like appearance, makes use of openable aluminum windows in order to provide natural ventilation. Overall, I think this project is immensely successful - I especially love the warmth the timber adds to an otherwise industrial-looking building. It's all very modern and I love it. I suppose there is hope for the world afterall!

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