Delish Dish Sale from CB2


I'm a huge fan of CB2's dinnerware and am excited to learn that much of it is on sale right now for crazy-cheap! Appetizer plates for 95 cents, dinner plates for 3 bucks... it's nuts! I've been coveting the Lamina dinnerware ever since it showed up in their catalog a while ago. I've also been meaning to grab a few more settings of the Bubbles dinnerware to keep on hand in case any of the pieces I already have happen to break (which I doubt, because they're über sturdy, but you never know). So if you've been wanting to replace your old dishes, get a few backup pieces, or just like to have options, now's the time to grab some really high quality dinnerware for really affordable prices!

CB2 Dinnerware Sale: $0.95 - $10.95

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...