Designer Axes from Best Made


OK, sometimes it's fun to post something that is just a little bit ridiculous. Like these designer axes from Best Made Co. for their Spring 2009 Collection. (I didn't know axes had seasonal 'collections', but apparently they do.)


These beauts are hand forged and tempered in Maine by one of America’s oldest axe companies. The handles are made of 30" American hardwood and hand painted and polished in New Jersey. Each axe is hand engraved with Best Made's signature X mark. Wood grains are unique to every handle. Every axe is made to order. The axe you buy is a true original.


So if you know a lumberjack who reads GQ, then these axes are for him. If he's rich enough to drop the cash on more than one of these designer tools (prices range from $200 - $550), there is a handy, felt-lined, custom made box available to house the collection.

Designer Axes from Best Made Co. from $200 - $550.


Please excuse me while I pay some bills...