200904230733.jpg announced yesterday what they are calling "a new social media for design lovers". As far as I can tell it's a design catalogue with all the usual big hitters like Martela, Eero Aarnio, Artek, Iittala, and Marimekko. What sets it apart from all the other design catalogues out there is the "social" part. According to the thinglink blog;

Designers and brands who upload their catalogs to can build a community of fans around their products. Design enthusiasts who join the conversation on can post messages about their latest discoveries, ask and answer questions about new and vintage products, and share photos of their favorite design objects in real life settings.

Unfortunately everything is currently in private beta, so unless you have an invite there's not a whole lot social about it. If anyone wants to send an invite with me, hit me up on twitter @creede.


Please excuse me while I pay some bills...