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The reason I started Grassrootsmodern was because I was discouraged by the lack of affordability in modern architecture and interior design. My own personal quest lead me to buy a 700 square foot home and add 600 modern square feet off the back. (That story started here) Acting as general contractor we were able to pull it off for around $100 a square foot. The secret, sweat equity.

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The folks over at have taken it one step further. The owner Caleb had the advantage of being an architect fresh out of school. He and his wife designed and built the gorgeous 1400 square foot home shown above for only $70,000. The $50 a square foot price didn't come without a lot of work, but it does prove that if you want something bad enough you can achieve it. When I asked Caleb the secret to affordable modern design, he said;

First, to be grassroots and affordable, you have to be willing to sweat a lot, and bleed some. Doing things ourselves is what makes us grassroots. People always used to build their own homes, and in the last century we've come to the mindset that "I can't do that myself", and "bigger is definitely better." I believe that when thinking about affordable housing, design to your families needs, whether that's 800 sf or 2000 sf. Use materials that are common and durable. Design with common dimensions in mind. Use materials that are easy to install, and always build for a hurricane. Andy Byrnes of The Construction Zone, LTD. in Phoenix said, "There is only one acceptable craft on any project, that is, the best you can possibly do." I firmly believe that should hold true in affordable homes as well. Craft should not be more expensive than a half-job. Low budget projects should have the same level of detail and craft as a high-priced home.

Here are some more interior shots of their home.

100_3514.JPG 100_2217.JPG100_2277.JPG  

Simple Modern Homes is now sharing the lessons they've learned and helping other folks built affordable modern homes. The renderings below are some of the other projects they've designed. If you're interested make sure you head over to their site and contact caleb.


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