Reader Question: Affordable Modern Sheds?


Quick question?

Have you ever profiled modern out buildings (small guest house, work spaces, sheds, etc)? I know there are several manufactrers that make neat prefab buildings like this. Also, I wonder if there are plans anywhere you can buy to make it entirely by yourself? Just a neat topic. Thinking about building such a building.

It's been a while since I have mentioned any modern shed options, but luckily there are quite a few, ranging from fairly affordable. My favorite of the bunch is the MD100 from Edward Blazona. Plans to build your own can be had for $30 and all the materials needed to pull it off are only $1500. Modern Shed is another one of my favorites. Instead of just purchasing plans like the MD100, you actually purchase all the material pre cut directly from Modern Shed. This makes things much more simple but also bumps the cost up. The smallest size will put you back $7,440. For those that are less concerned about cost, there is the Kithaus from Design Within Reach. Base price on one of these beauties is over $30,000 and prices go up sharply from there. If you seriously have that kind of cash to throw around find a architect and a contractor and build something of your own.

The cheap DIY in me loves the MD100, but I almost would be tempted to just design my own. The $15 for the MD100 plans may be just the thing to give the novice some ideas as far as the general construction.

Has anyone built a cool shed before? Have I missed any other kits/templates out there?

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