Dig Modern


I was browsing around, looking for modern landscaping inspiration (yes, that's pretty much all I think about these days) and my path led me to the goldmine that isDig Modern. I'd checked their site out before, but admittedly that was quite a while ago, and I had kind of forgotten about it. I am so glad I found it again! For those of you who don't already know about this totally rad site, Dig Modern gathers up all the best rare and vintage books and objects for people like you and me. A lot of these books are geared toward the DIY-er, with furniture plans, step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations and photographs, and generally inspiring content. Prices vary wildly depending on the rarity and condition of the book.
A few books really caught my eye and inexplicably caused my cursor to hover over the "add to cart" button for seemingly endless periods of time. The tempting tomes included Practical Guide to Home Landscaping (1972), How to Build Decks for Outdoor Living (1963), and especially Home Landscape, The Art of Home Landscaping: Revised and Enlarged (1978). I must get my hands on a copy of these books! Unfortunately, that last one was going for $140 which is a little more than I'd like to spend. I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled. I'm sure there's a copy sitting in a donation box somewhere, just waiting for me to rescue it!

Do you own any of these, or similarly inspiring, books? How did you find them? Online, thrift store, dead relative, etc.? Share your gems and your sources! Please.

Vintage and rare books for the modernist from Dig Modern - $30 to $200.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...