Flush mount doors


As we are getting ready to redo a downstairs bedroom, I have been looking into the possibility of doing some clean flush mount doors. Luckily there are some pretty good resources online to help figure it all out. The doors shown above are from Modern Doors Direct, and besides having some nice looking doors (at around $700 a door plus installation) they also have some great architectural drawings of how the magic all happens. One of the key things to getting it done are a pair of invisible SOSS hinges. Since the hinges are readily available, I figure I pick up some up and do it myself.


SOSS has a handy chart to determine how many hinges you need based on your door width and weight as well as router guides to help get your hinges set just right. I figure I'll be in it around $100 with hinges and a guide, and another $150 or so for a good solid wood door. With a little luck it will turn out as nice as the Direct Modern Doors ones at a fraction of the price. I admit the real hard part is going to be the jam detail, and I'm still trying to decide the best way to do that. My current plan is just to install a good paint grade jam over the rough opening and have the drywall return into the jam. The drywall edge will be finished off with a L bead to keep the line between the two clean.

Any other advice or thoughts?


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Modern Doors Direct drawings


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