Mid Century Modern Pillows

chen pillows 082.JPG

I'm loving these new mid-century modern pillows that I found over at Modern Materials Design. Sometimes you just need a nice simple pillow with a good texture. To get them just right the folks over at MMD actually sent a piece of the fabric from an original time period chair and had the factory reproduce the nubby texture we all love and remember. The polyester/wool blend is soft, but not too itchy.

  chen pillows 002.JPG

The pillows are available in 9 colors and 2 sizes to encourage mixing and layering. They are available in the authentic red-orange, chartruse, gold, brown, black, retro blue, red, cream, and orange. Sizes are 20" x 20" and 12" x 20".

Available from Modern Materials Design $27 - $39.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...