Prince Charles (as in Eames) Chair


Normally I try to keep my entries pretty positive. There is so much negativity around these days, we don't really need it in our design blogs. BUT, I can't ignore my true feelings about this one.  

I keep seeing this bastardizationironic re-imagining of the classic Fiberglass Shell Chairs and I am just not quite able to embrace the idea. I'm all for collaborations and interpretations but this one I can't be friendly to. I think it's ugly.

What do you think? Have you seen these? Do you like them? Or does it feel like someone just stabbed the Shell chair in the back and ran off with the money?


Modernica's design studio has collaborated with artist Peter Shire to design the Prince Charles Chair based on the company's Case Study Fiberglass shell chair and playfully named after the originator of the design, Charles Eames...The Prince Charles chair is an elegant and ironic juxtaposition - past and present. It is an innovative combination of two recognizable styles artfully embracing 300 years of furniture design into a single chair. This, along with the chair's Queen Anne-like legs, which look like broken violin cut outs, prove opposites attract.

Prince Charles Shell Chair from Modernica - $359 to $469

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...