Contemporary frontier

Picture 1.png I saw this home in the most recent issue of Western Interiors & Design and thought it was a great example of what a modern home should do - engage the local landscape while employing its own unique aesthetic. This excerpt from the article sums it up pretty well:

From afar, the house that Lori Ryker and Brett Nave designed in the Wapiti Valley, Wyoming, evokes the freight trains that still rumble across the high prairie. Each room is clad in overlapping materials and separately expressed in a linear sequence of interconnected volumes. But the designers see it differently. 200902050803.jpg

"We took our cues from the rock formations and their varied colors," says Ryker. "The exterior forms were shaped by our thinking about the interiors, and we strove to make them an integral part of this wild and beautiful landscape."

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What defines a modern home to you? The objects that go in it? Sustainability? Its contextual relevancy?  

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