Nervous System

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I came across Nervous System a while ago and was instantly intrigued and awed by their designs. Based on complex forms found in nature, such as the morphology of orchids or the aggregate growth of coral, Nervous System has developed a wide range of jewelry designs. They combine nontraditional materials like silicone rubber and stainless steel with rapid prototyping methods to create incredibly innovative products. Their methods allow for the creation of completely distinct designs, which can be personalized with interactive applets.

A little more about Nervous System: Our products are designed to be affordably and ethically made. We use manufacturing methods that do not require large facilities or massive manual labor. Often we employ rapid prototyping methods by which all unique pieces can be manufactured at the same cost as cookie cutter ones. We use inexpensive materials and believe that the value of our designs comes from an intelligent and beautiful marriage of form and function, not the current price of currency standards.

How do they do it? PLAY + LEARN

Jewelry for the nerdy, the quizzical, or the easily intrigued by Nervous System from $30 - $150.

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