Modern Green "i-House"


I keep hearing that our current economic recession is going to spawn a new decade of affordable design. While the jury is still out, one can always hope. Luckily with projects like the i-House it looks like there just might an air of change in the wind. The i-House is a prototype to be manufactured by Clayton Homes, the largest builder of manufactured housing in the U.S. Sure if you look to close you can tell it's just a single wide house with a butterfly roof stuck on top, but for $100,000 what do you expect? The interior also sports some nice Ikea cabinetry and what looks like a fairly open floor plan. With a smorgasbord of eco options available it looks like a pretty good deal. Let's just hope that the projected pricing doesn't get to inflated before it actually makes it to market.

Check out a virtual tour here.

Via our friends at Jetson Green






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