Dylan Strzynski

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I stumbled across Dylan Strzynski's work the other day and was struck by the bleakness and beauty that somehow coexist in these contemporary landscape paintings. Combining elements of painting, drawing, and printmaking, Strzynski is able to achieve his goal of capturing the strength and "quality of haunted-ness" of the land. In his artist statement, he writes:

"An author like J.G. Ballard can describe blasted out landscapes of broken concrete for page after page until the setting becomes a metaphor for the psychological condition of the characters within the story. I seek to do this with my paintings. [...] I have found a way to flatten out and schematize what I see while making the image to appear, superficially, more like an optical illusion than the blueprint that it really is.

Human Progress is overrated."

I would definitely recommend a glance through his portfolio and if you're interested in purchasing a piece, you can contact him through his website. He also offers select originals for sale here.

Own an original work of art by Dylan Strzynski from $100 - $850.

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