Donald Budd

Picture 85I'm a huge fan of abstract painting. I love how it distills everything to basic ideas of color, line, or form, often resulting in wonderfully textured surfaces. I could stare at abstract works for hours, always finding or feeling something new. If you feel similarly enchanted, then let me tell you about Donald Budd, whose work I am really in love with. Recently making the jump from graphic design to painting (which is no surprise - he received his BFA in painting and drawing and then his MFA in drawing), Don's abstract paintings are undeniably inspired by the world around him. Currently residing in southern Utah, Don finds great inspiration in the nearby landscapes: "I try to capture the essence of a moment in time - that brief emotional high one experiences as the earth's spirit comes alive. The environment has been most influential on my work. I have been moved by the power of storms - rain, wind, floods, dust, fire. Likewise the subtle beauty of a morning mist, a dusty haze, the sun highlighting a solitary form. The complexity of our environment - the vast array of colors, textures, lines, shapes, forms - and how they interact with one another has been my main influence. How we become part of that magnificent world is crucial to our survival. The power of natural forces are unparalleled yet man has this uncanny ability to invade, destroy, erase, obliterate, develop, overdevelop and leave his mark. The works on paper have many layers of acrylic washes built one upon the other and then are scrubbed, wiped, sanded and more layers added. Part of the process often leads to penetration of the paint and exposing the surface of the paper or in some cases rubbing a hole through the paper. This is all part of the process and many of my works will have holes in them, in the literal sense."

As a proud owner of one of these original paintings, I can really attest to Don's talent and the unbelievable beauty of his work.

To see more of Donald's work, check out his online portfolio

Original paintings by Donald Budd available online from $150 - $1800.

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