Byrd and Belle

Picture 70 I was searching Etsy the other day for modern Christmas items and came across Byrd and Belle's hand-stitched ornaments. These unique felt decorations are inspired by iconic pieces, like the George Nelson Ball Clock, and come with very friendly price tags. These lovely pieces are handmade by Angie Davis, an architect from Minneapolis. About Byrd and Belle: The items you see are brought to you from my live/work studio on an island in the middle of the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis. In real life, I am an architect and I crave the simple sophistication of modern architecture and design. Couple that with my rural upbringing surrounded by domestic crafts of sewing, stitching, and just general goodness and the result is found here.

Feeling smitten? Get some for yourself (or a friend): Modern felt ornaments in the shape of your favorite chair available from Byrd and Belle from $8 - $9.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...